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We create both hardware and software solutions for scalable, embedded, low latency deterministic and autonomous systems used in tough and unforgiving environments and work in a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical devices, oil and gas, defense, & industrial automation and robotics.  If your customers need your product fully featured and to just work every time it is used, then we should talk.

We Give You...

Simplified Results

Our priority is to make your complex system simple.  There are some who approach the development of critical systems using a patchwork of ill-fitting preexisting software.  While this approach can get ideas up and running quickly, it can create a level of complexity where failure points are hard to predict and even harder to fix. This can be as benign as creating annoyances in interacting with the system or as serious as intermittent and cascading failures. 

We don't do that.  We untangle complicated code and domain problems by removing layers of software and using purpose built, well tested, and simple development constructs.

In other words, we use and create solid, reliable code and hardware that always works, especially when you need it.

Custom Long-Term Solutions

Our deep knowledge of embedded systems allows us to create systems that will still be relevant and capable years down the road.  We first learn and understand your business objectives, evaluate your project needs and parameters, and then create a detailed path forward that is specific to your project and in sync with your long-term goals.

So ten years from now, you can easily change or re-purpose your software without the fear of breaking it, allowing you to continue to bring in revenue for your business.

Complete Collaboration

We communicate often and well, making us efficient and flexible as we work to serve you and your product team.  We utilize secure online collaboration tools so you can easily keep in touch with our team, have easy access to your project plan, and view the progress being made on your project as it happens.

In short... we promptly answer phone calls, return emails, and participate in discussions because we know that the sooner your product is completed, the happier you will be.

Clients & Partners

Our Clients Say It Best...

Able to Move Easily Between Low Level Logic Design, Device Driver Development, Human Interface Design, Application Development and Integration Testing

We hired Kevin Stallard to help build the distributed embedded control system, operator’s screens, and data acquisition software for a 30 ton hybrid electric armored reconnaissance vehicle.  He was flexible and diverse in his knowledge and aptitude.  As a consequence we were able to stay on schedule and complete tasks with one person that would have normally required several people.

He was able to move easily between low level logic design, device driver development, human interface design, application development and integration testing.  He is reliable, diligent and dependable. We could not have done it without him.

—Gordon Shafer, Project/Program Engineer, United Defense Systems

Over 30 Years Experience in QNX; Found the Weaknesses in Our System and Proposed a Better Design

The moment Kevin walked into Think Surgical, I could sense he was an expert, so I created the opportunity of working with him.  Kevin generously shared with me his precious technical knowledge in a very effective way. 

Kevin was an outstanding system architect, developer and tester, extremely knowledgeable and worked very efficiently.  Moreover, his attitude inspired and energized for the team.

His over 30 years expertise in QNX enabled him to quickly fix some of the problems our team was unable to fix for a long time.  He also pointed the weaknesses in our system and proposed a better design.  Kevin was a key player of the Robodoc team at Think Surgical and a real pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended.

—Ana Maria Cuculescu, Software Engineer, Think Surgical

Best Embedded Systems Professional I've Worked With...

Kevin Stallard is one of the best embedded systems professionals I've worked with over the last 20 years.  He's the real deal ... real-time OS architect, efficient modular software design, low-level/hardware drivers, whatever's needed to get the job done.  Dedicated to delivering functionality on budget and schedule.  Highly recommended.

—John P. Murphy, CEO, Virtual Incision

Would Take 4 People to Replace

It would take 4 people to do what Kevin Stallard has done for Virtual Incision.  His cross-discipline skillset (motor control, PCB, and precision embedded systems) and ability to really get things done have been instrumental in helping us meet critical regulatory approval and human patient trial milestones.

With Kevin's help we've been able to develop a laboratory-grade prototype into a medical-grade surgery robot.

—Shane Farritor, CTO, Virtual Incision

Unique Ability for Setting Up Processes, Architectures, and Workflows

I've been working closely with Kevin for the last year on a complex surgical robotic system that he has been consulting for through his company Aerial Robotics.  The general fear with using outside consultants is that they might not treat a project as their own; with Kevin this is most definitely NOT the case.  He doesn't just work for his clients, he works with them.  Kevin is able to seamlessly integrate himself into a team and his technical skills, dedication to the project and his high levels of integrity have been invaluable in creating the success that we have achieved.

If Kevin says he is going to do something, you can rest assured that it will be done--and very well too.  He has a unique ability for setting up processes, architectures, and workflows that greatly improve system robustness and allow for agility in future modifications to the system.  He not only does this because it is the "proper" thing to do, but because he is genuinely interested in the success of any project that he works on.

He worked tirelessly to help achieve program goals, and makes himself available at all times to provide support.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin Stallard for any project and look forward to continuing to work with him.

—Sabrina Varanelli, Software Engineer & Medical Robotics Specialist, Founder & CEO of neMedIO

Extraordinary Ability to Analyze Problems and Outline Necessary Courses of Action

I have worked with Kevin over the past two years and found him to be extremely competent and enjoyable to work with.  His extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary courses of action always kept us on schedule and he were instrumental in helping United Defense, LP develop some key software programs that are used in our Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) produced for the US Army.

Among Kevin's many accomplishments, he wrote software drivers for PC104 Airinc data Bus, Mil-STD-1553 data bus, developed test screens and reprogramming utilities for a DSP-based motor controller and developed software running on QNX RTOS for an embedded vehicle controller.

In conclusion, Kevin is very bright, innovative, dependable, and diligent.

—Ed Khanishian, MTS Electrical Engineer, United Defense

Understands Complex Problems & Works Out Elegant Solutions

Kevin Stallard is a master of embedded systems design.  I have had the good fortune to work with Kevin through the development of a next generation medical grade robotics platform.  Kevin has a knack for understanding our complex problems and working out elegant solutions.  He is an excellent communicator and his work ethic simply can not be beat.  Kevin has my wholehearted recommendation, and I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

—Jeffrey Shasho, Systems Engineer, Honeybee Robotics

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